Crossfox Closet: Lucien Leggings


I ordered my first pair of Crossfox leggings on Etsy around 5 years ago; this extremely special pair of stretch denim/bamboo lucien leggings. Back in the day they went for about $116 (a lot for a high school kid who only worked retail). They were the gateway to my eventual Crossfox addiction. They are truly workhorses; I sent them in once to be mended and now I keep up with any small stretches/holes myself. The main issue over time has been the thigh area- these are a size small and now I typically wear a medium, but I keep on wearing them regardless. These are perfect for all seasons, even winter. They aren’t extremely warm but the stretch denim is thick enough to not show lines and better than your average pair of leggings at keeping your legs cozy.

I’m working on showcasing every Crossfox item I have ever purchased in chronological order. Let me know if you have or want items from Crossfox-I have owned and do still own a variety of her pieces and can answer questions about sizing for S-M people and short ladies!


Leggings: Crossfox / T shirt & Jacket: Forever 21 / Mug: Lemonpop Ceramics / Travel pack: Wooly Bison / Necklace: Amber Moon / Shoes: The Drifter Leather

All photos by Megan L.

Vintage Inspiration 1

Boots $49 / Lace collar $18

I’m going to be posting a “vintage inspiration” every so often because lately I’ve been in love with retro style. Most of my favorites are 1940s/50s, but there are exceptions! I’m dreaming of being a classy lady who wears cute lace collars with my thick wool winter dresses. Enjoy!

Black turnlock purse $104 / Lace bolero $38

1940s rayon top $53 / 1960s winter dress $125

Pleated purple skirt $35 / Robins egg blue dress $108

Clothing Cave


It’s January, 2017, and I’m dreaming of this upcoming summer (whilst it is 10 below outside). Summer for me means freedom from school for the first time in 17+ years, *hopefully* a job, and the time to travel, get tattooed, and grow into my life. When I think of seasons I mostly think of what I’ll be wearing in them; right now I’m in way too deep looking at the beautiful pieces from Run With The Tribe. You know when you re-discover something and then you just can’t stop? I feel like I’m in a cave but instead of crystals there are just lovely soft pieces of clothing spilling out of the ceiling like stalactites. Wish I could climb through her closet.

Alana from Run With The Tribe hand-sews everything she makes. I picked up a piece (the buttery yellow tank top pictured above) only an hour after it listed because I know her amazing stuff goes quickly. It is simple, unique, and easy on the eyes. I’m not really someone who wears much color but I’m trying to work it into my wardrobe more often, and I ordered the lovely “Mellow Daze Cami” for slouchy, relaxed summer bikeride-full days to colorize my wardrobe.

If you’ve ever been intrigued by handmade clothes, Run With The Tribe is the most potent place to start looking. Her Instagram is filled with the latest pieces and frankly, a ton of her personality. Handmade clothing can sometimes seem foreign or difficult, because the sizes are dictated by the maker and not a cruddy large-scale manufacturer and the fabrics seem different from our typical poly-cotton. Handmade clothes are special and in RWTT’s case, one of a kind.


Frannerd Bits + Pieces


I love Frannerd. For a few months now I have supported her on Patreon, but before that I followed her on Youtube. Her videos are all about art in her life. Her illustrations and personality all have a very Studio Ghibli feeling to them; they are clean, but silly and romantic, and simple. This year I ordered her tiny book Brandford Cereal Girls and her “Ghost Therapy” illustration. She also sent me a bonus card (that I gifted to my fiance!) with a super cute drawing of her and her husband Ed on it. 20161214_14384620161214_143719020161204_113408

This little card that is included got me. Fran’s two cats, Cereal and Hamburguesa (Hamburger), are a big part of her art. Here she mentions that they are very grateful for my purchase although they don’t know what a purchase is. I thought that was quite sweet and I hope her cats know that I want to cuddle them.

The Brandford Cereal Girls book includes many of Fran’s drawings from her sketchbook. Many of them are about daily life or silly things that she notices. Below is one of my favorites–the “Ah, Finally a time to rest and work…” where she gets swamped with life. I know it is very cliche to want more time to work on the projects we all wish we had time for, but this illustration accurately represents the feeling of having no project time.

Would I buy more things from Fran? Yes. Cats/10.20161214_14562320161204_113312

Shop Small: Forest Fleece

It’s the time of the year where I want to go full burrito and hang out in my small room. I know this is a common sentiment: but how about this, if I do it while wearing Crossfox, does it make me cooler? Probably.

If you are the best sister, brother, friend, cousin, mother, godparent, etc., to your friend who loves handmade things–you might just buy them a gift from Crossfox this year, if you can snag one. I recently procured this limited edition fleece bodysock and it is one of my favorite purchases of the year. Crossfox will be having another sale on December 30th, so check their Instagram account to keep updated on that.


I would never ask anyone to try and buy Crossfox for me because it is both the best and most stressful experience ever. It feels like I have a gambling addiction, except it’s with buying clothes. You never know if you will win out or not. This dress is also quite pricey, but it’s made in house and in the US, so I think it’s worth it.

If you’re looking for something very special and unique to give this year to a person in your life who is part forest spirit part swamp lady (my fiance’s words, not mine) then Crossfox is the way to go. If you can fit this in anybody’s stocking (I highly doubt it) it would be an amazing present. Shop small and buy something incredible.

This is part 3 in my Shop Small Stocking Stuffers series. See the other posts here.

Shop Small: Evergreen & Earl Grey


Here we are everybody. Shop Small Stocking Stuffers number 2! Today we are featuring Lala Earth and two of her brand-new creations: the evergreen aromatherapy roller (aka I want to smell like a Christmas tree plantation today) and the earl grey lip butter.


These little gifts are actually perfect for sneaking into any natural lady’s (or guy’s) stocking this year. They are affordable, luxurious, compact, and both actually work! The evergreen oil rolls on like a dream and smells like a bright, friendly fir tree. I was wearing it at work yesterday and our web developer asked “Does it smell like Christmas in here?” Why yes, it does, that would be me.

I already own Lala’s cardamom lip butter and it is a big favorite of mine. Here in Minnesota lips can get chapped in about five seconds of existing outdoors. As my friend Liz says, “Why do I live where the air hurts my face?” Because in Minnesota we are all masochists, that’s why.

Point is the new earl grey lip butter is fantastic and a nice gift for anybody. Lauren herself said that the earl grey lip butter was the best by far, and to be honest it is on par with the cardamom in terms of tastiness. It does have more of a zest to it than the old one did; but I would say if you have a buddy who likes tea this would be a super fun way to show them you do pay attention, sometimes.


The lip butter goes for $12 and the evergreen aroma therapy roller for $20.

This is part 2 in my Shop Small Stocking Stuffers series. See the other posts here.

Shop Small: Autumn & Winter Cookbook


The holiday season is upon us and I’m ready to buy people stuff. I’m starting a series called Shop Small Stocking Stuffers to put out there, into the universe, my favorite handmade/small business items of this past year. The name is a bit long and overly full of alliteration, but I couldn’t resist. One of my favorite holiday bits growing up was opening my stocking; it was always filled with sweets, tiny cards, and little gifts that I always loved more together than just one big thing. If it were up to me all I would ever have is a stocking.

So- this is my idea #1 for a shop small stocking stuffer: the Sugar House Workshop Volume 2 cookbook. At just $16 this baby is a steal for those friends & fam who like to bake and cook. This volume is currently sold out but I am sure they will be producing a new one in spring. I actually used this cookbook on Thanksgiving; I made the sweet potato pie and it was amazing and so creamy-sweet. Some other recipes included in this book are: cider doughnuts, pumpkin oatmeal cookies, mother + child chai, popovers, orange morning buns, and more. The book is split up into autumn and winter sections with seasonally appropriate recipes in each part. I absolutely love how small and beautiful this book is- its accompanying illustrations give me the warm n’ fuzzies and really make me feel like making my own homestead (in the middle of Minneapolis, nonetheless).

These photos also feature my ever-present Sugar House Workshop naturally dyed bunting. That would also be a great stocking stuffer for those of us who love fabric decorations!


This is part 1 in my Shop Small Stocking Stuffers series. See the other posts here.