Featured Shop: Kayleigh DuMond


When I started wedding planning I knew I wanted to support small businesses. The corporate, greedy side of weddings is very obvious to me now after several months of wading through vendors who are owned by (or are) large corporations. Wedding dress shopping, at first, was a nightmare of high-priced cheaply made gowns until I found Andrea’s Vintage Bridal, but that is a story for another day. Today’s post is about Kayleigh DuMond Stationary, a super simple, botanical inspired Etsy shop that sells wedding invites, save the dates, holiday cards, and a lot of other printed goodies. If you are into DIY you can simply order the design and print them yourself. Or, if you are like me and don’t want to search for the right paper, you can simply have Kayleigh print them for you and ship them, envelope and all. I’m still deciding on which design to go with but it’s perfect for a small wedding like mine.


Picking a Wedding Photographer

Beautiful, vintage, striking, clear yet faded and dreamy, wild, interesting: is it even possible to find it all in a wedding photographer? No, not really, unless I wanted my event to look like a million different styles, thus hiring several photographers and not liking anything, no. It took a while for this to set in.

I am a bit picky with photography. One of my main issues was that either something was expensive but not mind-blowingly so (let’s say $1,000) but the photography was just… they¬†looked like stock photos. Then the prices jump like CRAZY to $3,000 and¬†suddenly you¬†just¬†have¬†to get a photo book included and an engagement session and two photographers included and it’s too much. It took a few months of searching and trying to find a transparent photographer; most of them don’t put their prices or even estimates on their sites, and I’m not really a fan of that.

Out of the list: beautiful, vintage, striking, faded, dreamy, romantic… I finally found what mattered to me.


All of these wonderful photos belong to Alisha Fenn Photography, and I’m so excited to have her photograph¬†our wedding. The lady herself, Alisha, is super cute and colorful and seems like she will be fun to work with. After our phone call I found myself relieved- I mean this person is going to be there when I’m getting dressed, crying because I’m happy to be married, dancing like an idiot… I’m comforted that I found someone who is not only a great artist, but also an¬†sweet human to be around.

Photography is actually the #1 expenditure for our wedding because, as I once said, “We aren’t going to be this hot in 20 years!” Someone else could probably phrase it more eloquently than I, but the point is I care a lot about it and can’t wait.

Thanks, Alisha!!