Curated Look: Mycology Professor


Dress / Waxed canvas bag / Sweater

Cosplay: Is it just for characters or people that have actually existed? To be honest with you the answer is probably yes, but I am in this weird creative mood where I’m making up people who I haven’t met but are conglomerations of several interesting folks. Today’s lady is the mycology professor: she is new at her job but damn does she love collecting weird mushrooms. Her outfits consist of a dress, over-sweater, mushroom-gathering bag, sturdy lace up boots (for all of that forest trekking), and a waterproof cape. She is a cutie, a total bad-ass, and probably way better dressed than any mycology professor today.

All of the items here are handmade or vintage.

Wool cape / Lace up boots

Mushroom gathering bags / Dog mug

Vintage Inspiration 1

Boots $49 / Lace collar $18

I’m going to be posting a “vintage inspiration” every so often because lately I’ve been in love with retro style. Most of my favorites are 1940s/50s, but there are exceptions! I’m dreaming of being a classy lady who wears cute lace collars with my thick wool winter dresses. Enjoy!

Black turnlock purse $104 / Lace bolero $38

1940s rayon top $53 / 1960s winter dress $125

Pleated purple skirt $35 / Robins egg blue dress $108