Oldie but a Goodie: Crossfox Militia Pullover

dsc03414This top/sweater is my second oldest piece of Crossfox clothing. It is made of a soft fleece and is in the hand-dyed color “Dusk.” Even if it definitely isn’t my most flattering piece, I wear it quite often. I find it works the best in fall and spring or as an extra layer in winter. I can never really figure out if it is a shirt or a sweater, so I use it as both. Crossfox produced a few of these this year, and I bet she will bring them back sometime soon. If you see one snag one–it is versatile, comfy, and in a beautiful color way. It is pictured here with my Crossfox Lucien leggings and Re-Kanken mini bag.dsc03413
This is the second post in my Crossfox Closet series. Stay tuned for more!


All photos by Megan Lundberg

Crossfox Forever: Spring & Summer 2017


New Crossfox collection time ya’ll!

This is the sexiest collection yet. I’m not lying– I haven’t ever seen anything this…stretchy and jungle inspired by Crossfox. I have my ideas about this new tropical vibe: the lovely creator, Emilie, recently took a trip to Vietnam and other parts of Asia. I’m thinking this collection might have been partially inspired by her time there.

In this collection Crossfox is bringing back a few oldies–the Migrant Dress (hasn’t been seen in a year or so!), a few bamboo tanks, Lucien leggings, hot shorts (!!!), and even the augusta hoodie dress. They are also mixing it up, with a new addition of a summer-friendly body sock made of linen (pictured above on the far right). I am really in awe of this collection, mostly because almost everything is coming in a full range of sizes. With a one person team, that is pretty damn impressive.

The collection launches this Thursday at 6 pm EST. Crossfox has also dropped some amazing news–that they plan to expand to producing clothes in a local garment factory. Woo! That means more Crossfox for me–I mean–us. Enjoy!

Featured Shop: Kayleigh DuMond


When I started wedding planning I knew I wanted to support small businesses. The corporate, greedy side of weddings is very obvious to me now after several months of wading through vendors who are owned by (or are) large corporations. Wedding dress shopping, at first, was a nightmare of high-priced cheaply made gowns until I found Andrea’s Vintage Bridal, but that is a story for another day. Today’s post is about Kayleigh DuMond Stationary, a super simple, botanical inspired Etsy shop that sells wedding invites, save the dates, holiday cards, and a lot of other printed goodies. If you are into DIY you can simply order the design and print them yourself. Or, if you are like me and don’t want to search for the right paper, you can simply have Kayleigh print them for you and ship them, envelope and all. I’m still deciding on which design to go with but it’s perfect for a small wedding like mine.


Curated Look: Mycology Professor


Dress / Waxed canvas bag / Sweater

Cosplay: Is it just for characters or people that have actually existed? To be honest with you the answer is probably yes, but I am in this weird creative mood where I’m making up people who I haven’t met but are conglomerations of several interesting folks. Today’s lady is the mycology professor: she is new at her job but damn does she love collecting weird mushrooms. Her outfits consist of a dress, over-sweater, mushroom-gathering bag, sturdy lace up boots (for all of that forest trekking), and a waterproof cape. She is a cutie, a total bad-ass, and probably way better dressed than any mycology professor today.

All of the items here are handmade or vintage.

Wool cape / Lace up boots

Mushroom gathering bags / Dog mug

Photos from the lab: Integument

The integument of an insect is its outer structure. It is what many people would call an exo-skeleton, or outside skeleton. I often imagine what we would look like with our bones on the outside… Whoops! Sorry. Entomology dreamer over here. Anyhow- enjoy these microscope images taken by yours truly!

image047           A micro image of the scales on a manduca moth wing. Scales are actually modified hairs that contain various pigments. These are particularly beautiful under the microscope.


Our beautiful, recently deceased bumblebee. She was quite cute and very fuzzy, as you can see here.           image038

This image was supposed to demonstrate the difference between the tiny hairs (microtrichia) on the wing base (which are barely visible) compared to the regular hairs (called setae on insects) that cover most of the body. It didn’t do a good job of that, but I still think that the fuzzy bee is very beautiful close up.

image051           This is the moth’s eye. A few hairs were accidentally brushed onto her face, and she was still alive and kicking. She was not a fan of us combing through her delicate fur (seen in the last photo)


When you view a moth under a microscope it honestly seems like they are just fluttery little air-dogs. Look at the setae on this thing! This moth was especially well pigmented.

Crossfox Closet: Lucien Leggings


I ordered my first pair of Crossfox leggings on Etsy around 5 years ago; this extremely special pair of stretch denim/bamboo lucien leggings. Back in the day they went for about $116 (a lot for a high school kid who only worked retail). They were the gateway to my eventual Crossfox addiction. They are truly workhorses; I sent them in once to be mended and now I keep up with any small stretches/holes myself. The main issue over time has been the thigh area- these are a size small and now I typically wear a medium, but I keep on wearing them regardless. These are perfect for all seasons, even winter. They aren’t extremely warm but the stretch denim is thick enough to not show lines and better than your average pair of leggings at keeping your legs cozy.

I’m working on showcasing every Crossfox item I have ever purchased in chronological order. Let me know if you have or want items from Crossfox-I have owned and do still own a variety of her pieces and can answer questions about sizing for S-M people and short ladies!


Leggings: Crossfox / T shirt & Jacket: Forever 21 / Mug: Lemonpop Ceramics / Travel pack: Wooly Bison / Necklace: Amber Moon / Shoes: The Drifter Leather

All photos by Megan L.