Uncommon Crush: Sammi Jefcoate


Her fashion is versatile, color-coded, rough, and luxe. I found Sammi Jefcoate about a year ago on Instagram (through her amazing nails, actually) and I have been hooked ever since. She is a mom living in London with loads of tattoos and a very unique fashion sense. From denim patched jackets to Miu Miu ballet flats, Sammi seriously could wear anything red, black, mustard, or white, and I’d say it suits her.

Sammi posts outfit photos, flatlays, life and travel photos, and closeups. Her blog often showcases any combination of these types of posts, as well as handbag wants and tiny life updates. Her style reminds me of a badass biker chick combined with an English mum — comfortable-ish and wild.

Sammi’s Instagram // Sammi’s Blogspot


Oldie but a Goodie: Crossfox Militia Pullover

dsc03414This top/sweater is my second oldest piece of Crossfox clothing. It is made of a soft fleece and is in the hand-dyed color “Dusk.” Even if it definitely isn’t my most flattering piece, I wear it quite often. I find it works the best in fall and spring or as an extra layer in winter. I can never really figure out if it is a shirt or a sweater, so I use it as both. Crossfox produced a few of these this year, and I bet she will bring them back sometime soon. If you see one snag one–it is versatile, comfy, and in a beautiful color way. It is pictured here with my Crossfox Lucien leggings and Re-Kanken mini bag.dsc03413
This is the second post in my Crossfox Closet series. Stay tuned for more!


All photos by Megan Lundberg

Crossfox Forever: Spring & Summer 2017


New Crossfox collection time ya’ll!

This is the sexiest collection yet. I’m not lying– I haven’t ever seen anything this…stretchy and jungle inspired by Crossfox. I have my ideas about this new tropical vibe: the lovely creator, Emilie, recently took a trip to Vietnam and other parts of Asia. I’m thinking this collection might have been partially inspired by her time there.

In this collection Crossfox is bringing back a few oldies–the Migrant Dress (hasn’t been seen in a year or so!), a few bamboo tanks, Lucien leggings, hot shorts (!!!), and even the augusta hoodie dress. They are also mixing it up, with a new addition of a summer-friendly body sock made of linen (pictured above on the far right). I am really in awe of this collection, mostly because almost everything is coming in a full range of sizes. With a one person team, that is pretty damn impressive.

The collection launches this Thursday at 6 pm EST. Crossfox has also dropped some amazing news–that they plan to expand to producing clothes in a local garment factory. Woo! That means more Crossfox for me–I mean–us. Enjoy!

Crossfox Closet: Lucien Leggings


I ordered my first pair of Crossfox leggings on Etsy around 5 years ago; this extremely special pair of stretch denim/bamboo lucien leggings. Back in the day they went for about $116 (a lot for a high school kid who only worked retail). They were the gateway to my eventual Crossfox addiction. They are truly workhorses; I sent them in once to be mended and now I keep up with any small stretches/holes myself. The main issue over time has been the thigh area- these are a size small and now I typically wear a medium, but I keep on wearing them regardless. These are perfect for all seasons, even winter. They aren’t extremely warm but the stretch denim is thick enough to not show lines and better than your average pair of leggings at keeping your legs cozy.

I’m working on showcasing every Crossfox item I have ever purchased in chronological order. Let me know if you have or want items from Crossfox-I have owned and do still own a variety of her pieces and can answer questions about sizing for S-M people and short ladies!


Leggings: Crossfox / T shirt & Jacket: Forever 21 / Mug: Lemonpop Ceramics / Travel pack: Wooly Bison / Necklace: Amber Moon / Shoes: The Drifter Leather

All photos by Megan L.

Vintage Inspiration 1

Boots $49 / Lace collar $18

I’m going to be posting a “vintage inspiration” every so often because lately I’ve been in love with retro style. Most of my favorites are 1940s/50s, but there are exceptions! I’m dreaming of being a classy lady who wears cute lace collars with my thick wool winter dresses. Enjoy!

Black turnlock purse $104 / Lace bolero $38

1940s rayon top $53 / 1960s winter dress $125

Pleated purple skirt $35 / Robins egg blue dress $108

Clothing Cave


It’s January, 2017, and I’m dreaming of this upcoming summer (whilst it is 10 below outside). Summer for me means freedom from school for the first time in 17+ years, *hopefully* a job, and the time to travel, get tattooed, and grow into my life. When I think of seasons I mostly think of what I’ll be wearing in them; right now I’m in way too deep looking at the beautiful pieces from Run With The Tribe. You know when you re-discover something and then you just can’t stop? I feel like I’m in a cave but instead of crystals there are just lovely soft pieces of clothing spilling out of the ceiling like stalactites. Wish I could climb through her closet.

Alana from Run With The Tribe hand-sews everything she makes. I picked up a piece (the buttery yellow tank top pictured above) only an hour after it listed because I know her amazing stuff goes quickly. It is simple, unique, and easy on the eyes. I’m not really someone who wears much color but I’m trying to work it into my wardrobe more often, and I ordered the lovely “Mellow Daze Cami” for slouchy, relaxed summer bikeride-full days to colorize my wardrobe.

If you’ve ever been intrigued by handmade clothes, Run With The Tribe is the most potent place to start looking. Her Instagram is filled with the latest pieces and frankly, a ton of her personality. Handmade clothing can sometimes seem foreign or difficult, because the sizes are dictated by the maker and not a cruddy large-scale manufacturer and the fabrics seem different from our typical poly-cotton. Handmade clothes are special and in RWTT’s case, one of a kind.


Crossfox Fall 2016


Crossfox is back tomorrow at 4 pm (Eastern Time) with new styles and new models. I actually had a slight panic when I saw the new site because there were so many pieces that I was in love with. I’m still sorting through my emotions. I might have a problem.
Honestly all I’m going to do here is show you the images and let you decide to go on over and grab yourself a piece tomorrow.