Oldie but a Goodie: Crossfox Militia Pullover

dsc03414This top/sweater is my second oldest piece of Crossfox clothing. It is made of a soft fleece and is in the hand-dyed color “Dusk.” Even if it definitely isn’t my most flattering piece, I wear it quite often. I find it works the best in fall and spring or as an extra layer in winter. I can never really figure out if it is a shirt or a sweater, so I use it as both. Crossfox produced a few of these this year, and I bet she will bring them back sometime soon. If you see one snag one–it is versatile, comfy, and in a beautiful color way. It is pictured here with my Crossfox Lucien leggings and Re-Kanken mini bag.dsc03413
This is the second post in my Crossfox Closet series. Stay tuned for more!


All photos by Megan Lundberg


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