Crossfox Forever: Spring & Summer 2017


New Crossfox collection time ya’ll!

This is the sexiest collection yet. I’m not lying– I haven’t ever seen anything this…stretchy and jungle inspired by Crossfox. I have my ideas about this new tropical vibe: the lovely creator, Emilie, recently took a trip to Vietnam and other parts of Asia. I’m thinking this collection might have been partially inspired by her time there.

In this collection Crossfox is bringing back a few oldies–the Migrant Dress (hasn’t been seen in a year or so!), a few bamboo tanks, Lucien leggings, hot shorts (!!!), and even the augusta hoodie dress. They are also mixing it up, with a new addition of a summer-friendly body sock made of linen (pictured above on the far right). I am really in awe of this collection, mostly because almost everything is coming in a full range of sizes. With a one person team, that is pretty damn impressive.

The collection launches this Thursday at 6 pm EST. Crossfox has also dropped some amazing news–that they plan to expand to producing clothes in a local garment factory. Woo! That means more Crossfox for me–I mean–us. Enjoy!


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