Crossfox Closet: Lucien Leggings


I ordered my first pair of Crossfox leggings on Etsy around 5 years ago; this extremely special pair of stretch denim/bamboo lucien leggings. Back in the day they went for about $116 (a lot for a high school kid who only worked retail). They were the gateway to my eventual Crossfox addiction. They are truly workhorses; I sent them in once to be mended and now I keep up with any small stretches/holes myself. The main issue over time has been the thigh area- these are a size small and now I typically wear a medium, but I keep on wearing them regardless. These are perfect for all seasons, even winter. They aren’t extremely warm but the stretch denim is thick enough to not show lines and better than your average pair of leggings at keeping your legs cozy.

I’m working on showcasing every Crossfox item I have ever purchased in chronological order. Let me know if you have or want items from Crossfox-I have owned and do still own a variety of her pieces and can answer questions about sizing for S-M people and short ladies!


Leggings: Crossfox / T shirt & Jacket: Forever 21 / Mug: Lemonpop Ceramics / Travel pack: Wooly Bison / Necklace: Amber Moon / Shoes: The Drifter Leather

All photos by Megan L.


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