Frannerd Bits + Pieces


I love Frannerd. For a few months now I have supported her on Patreon, but before that I followed her on Youtube. Her videos are all about art in her life. Her illustrations and personality all have a very Studio Ghibli feeling to them; they are clean, but silly and romantic, and simple. This year I ordered her tiny book Brandford Cereal Girls and her “Ghost Therapy” illustration. She also sent me a bonus card (that I gifted to my fiance!) with a super cute drawing of her and her husband Ed on it. 20161214_14384620161214_143719020161204_113408

This little card that is included got me. Fran’s two cats, Cereal and Hamburguesa (Hamburger), are a big part of her art. Here she mentions that they are very grateful for my purchase although they don’t know what a purchase is. I thought that was quite sweet and I hope her cats know that I want to cuddle them.

The Brandford Cereal Girls book includes many of Fran’s drawings from her sketchbook. Many of them are about daily life or silly things that she notices. Below is one of my favorites–the “Ah, Finally a time to rest and work…” where she gets swamped with life. I know it is very cliche to want more time to work on the projects we all wish we had time for, but this illustration accurately represents the feeling of having no project time.

Would I buy more things from Fran? Yes. Cats/10.20161214_14562320161204_113312


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