Shop Small: Forest Fleece

It’s the time of the year where I want to go full burrito and hang out in my small room. I know this is a common sentiment: but how about this, if I do it while wearing Crossfox, does it make me cooler? Probably.

If you are the best sister, brother, friend, cousin, mother, godparent, etc., to your friend who loves handmade things–you might just buy them a gift from Crossfox this year, if you can snag one. I recently procured this limited edition fleece bodysock and it is one of my favorite purchases of the year. Crossfox will be having another sale on December 30th, so check their Instagram account to keep updated on that.


I would never ask anyone to try and buy Crossfox for me because it is both the best and most stressful experience ever. It feels like I have a gambling addiction, except it’s with buying clothes. You never know if you will win out or not. This dress is also quite pricey, but it’s made in house and in the US, so I think it’s worth it.

If you’re looking for something very special and unique to give this year to a person in your life who is part forest spirit part swamp lady (my fiance’s words, not mine) then Crossfox is the way to go. If you can fit this in anybody’s stocking (I highly doubt it) it would be an amazing present. Shop small and buy something incredible.

This is part 3 in my Shop Small Stocking Stuffers series. See the other posts here.


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