Shop Small: Evergreen & Earl Grey


Here we are everybody. Shop Small Stocking Stuffers number 2! Today we are featuring Lala Earth and two of her brand-new creations: the evergreen aromatherapy roller (aka I want to smell like a Christmas tree plantation today) and the earl grey lip butter.


These little gifts are actually perfect for sneaking into any natural lady’s (or guy’s) stocking this year. They are affordable, luxurious, compact, and both actually work! The evergreen oil rolls on like a dream and smells like a bright, friendly fir tree. I was wearing it at work yesterday and our web developer asked “Does it smell like Christmas in here?” Why yes, it does, that would be me.

I already own Lala’s cardamom lip butter and it is a big favorite of mine. Here in Minnesota lips can get chapped in about five seconds of existing outdoors. As my friend Liz says, “Why do I live where the air hurts my face?” Because in Minnesota we are all masochists, that’s why.

Point is the new earl grey lip butter is fantastic and a nice gift for anybody. Lauren herself said that the earl grey lip butter was the best by far, and to be honest it is on par with the cardamom in terms of tastiness. It does have more of a zest to it than the old one did; but I would say if you have a buddy who likes tea this would be a super fun way to show them you do pay attention, sometimes.


The lip butter goes for $12 and the evergreen aroma therapy roller for $20.

This is part 2 in my Shop Small Stocking Stuffers series. See the other posts here.


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