Shop Small: Autumn & Winter Cookbook


The holiday season is upon us and I’m ready to buy people stuff. I’m starting a series called Shop Small Stocking Stuffers to put out there, into the universe, my favorite handmade/small business items of this past year. The name is a bit long and overly full of alliteration, but I couldn’t resist. One of my favorite holiday bits growing up was opening my stocking; it was always filled with sweets, tiny cards, and little gifts that I always loved more together than just one big thing. If it were up to me all I would ever have is a stocking.

So- this is my idea #1 for a shop small stocking stuffer: the Sugar House Workshop Volume 2 cookbook. At just $16 this baby is a steal for those friends & fam who like to bake and cook. This volume is currently sold out but I am sure they will be producing a new one in spring. I actually used this cookbook on Thanksgiving; I made the sweet potato pie and it was amazing and so creamy-sweet. Some other recipes included in this book are: cider doughnuts, pumpkin oatmeal cookies, mother + child chai, popovers, orange morning buns, and more. The book is split up into autumn and winter sections with seasonally appropriate recipes in each part. I absolutely love how small and beautiful this book is- its accompanying illustrations give me the warm n’ fuzzies and really make me feel like making my own homestead (in the middle of Minneapolis, nonetheless).

These photos also feature my ever-present Sugar House Workshop naturally dyed bunting. That would also be a great stocking stuffer for those of us who love fabric decorations!


This is part 1 in my Shop Small Stocking Stuffers series. See the other posts here.


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