Petite Girly Pieces


So this month has been weird. I have gotten way more into nail polish (which is good, considering I wear almost 0 jewelry or accessories otherwise) and I’ve treated myself to something I really wanted. That being a (used) Chanel wallet. Did I instantly regret it? Oh but of course. But is it patent and shiny and lovely? Also yes.

I’m really quite the minimalist when it comes to beauty products– I don’t like trying out different things– I just like having one thing that just works. That’s why I jumped the gun and bought Chanel’s Organdi nail polish. I wore this stuff for a week and a half with no chips, which gives it an A+ rating among my very small nail polish collection.

The other thing I only have one of and I love is my Lala Earth Cardamom Lip Butter (which I blogged about buying a while ago). This stuff tastes good enough to eat and actually helps my lips. I’ve been sick quite a lot lately and I haven’t wanted to put on makeup, but I definitely can’t leave my house without this.



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