The Cozy Things in Life

1: Vintage scarf 2:Wolf pennant print 3: Knit headband

The colder it gets the more layers I get to wear and things to decorate the space that I am stuck in- which means I’m on the hunt for more handmade/vintage accessories and home wares. First on my list is a new scarf. I’ve really been missing out on the scarf-game these past few years, and considering I live in the land of the polar-vortex (Minnesota) I really ought to have a better scarf. I’m torn between the red and ivory plaid one above and the navy and ivory one below.

1: Red wool coat 2: Navy/ivory scarf 3: Sugar House winter cookbook

I’m also looking for a mid-weight coat, probably something made of synethetic fleece or real wool, and the red one above strikes my fancy. Seriously. I wear a lot of dark, subdued colors, and I think having a dramatic red coat would look fabulous.

One thing that is on my list that I already own is the Sugar House Workshop Volume 2, which is a sweet, seasonal cookbook based around using ingredients around available where you live. While the author lives in Vermont and I live many states away we are both in temperate zones and thus most of the food is available in both places. My favorite recipe thus far is the sweet potato pie. Mmmm so hearty.

What are you looking forward to in this chilly time of year?


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