Picking a Wedding Photographer

Beautiful, vintage, striking, clear yet faded and dreamy, wild, interesting: is it even possible to find it all in a wedding photographer? No, not really, unless I wanted my event to look like a million different styles, thus hiring several photographers and not liking anything, no. It took a while for this to set in.

I am a bit picky with photography. One of my main issues was that either something was expensive but not mind-blowingly so (let’s say $1,000) but the photography was just… they¬†looked like stock photos. Then the prices jump like CRAZY to $3,000 and¬†suddenly you¬†just¬†have¬†to get a photo book included and an engagement session and two photographers included and it’s too much. It took a few months of searching and trying to find a transparent photographer; most of them don’t put their prices or even estimates on their sites, and I’m not really a fan of that.

Out of the list: beautiful, vintage, striking, faded, dreamy, romantic… I finally found what mattered to me.


All of these wonderful photos belong to Alisha Fenn Photography, and I’m so excited to have her photograph¬†our wedding. The lady herself, Alisha, is super cute and colorful and seems like she will be fun to work with. After our phone call I found myself relieved- I mean this person is going to be there when I’m getting dressed, crying because I’m happy to be married, dancing like an idiot… I’m comforted that I found someone who is not only a great artist, but also an¬†sweet human to be around.

Photography is actually the #1 expenditure for our wedding because, as I once said, “We aren’t going to be this hot in 20 years!” Someone else could probably phrase it more eloquently than I, but the point is I care a lot about it and can’t wait.

Thanks, Alisha!!



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