Bouquets- I’m in Trouble

As time goes on, things get woodsy-er.
As I dig through bouquets & hairpieces on etsy
My ears are getting pointier, and suddenly I’m wearing flowing robes
I’ve gone full elf

This has been a poem about the struggles of finding a wedding style.

Feel free to comment if you want to know where any of these lovely items are from! I’m extremely partial to the velvety willow headpiece.


3 thoughts on “Bouquets- I’m in Trouble

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your poem (and your struggle). I would say that as a professional smart ass who attended 7 – yes, 7 – weddings this year, if one of the brides came down the aisle wearing pussy willows on her head, the backlog of obvious jokes might have caused me to pass out.

    On the other hand, I love elves! Good luck.


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