Yesterday I received my very first package from the homey Lala Earth. I posted about her (Laura Murphy’s) confections over a year ago and I finally took the plunge. I’ve looked at her shop dozens of times and tried to find what I really, really wanted to try–and I ended up with her cardamom lip butter (because I have the worst dry lips ever) and the lavender digestive bitters. 20160814_12020820160814_120404
I often get an upset stomach and I adore the taste of lavender- so this product was a no brainer. Thus far I have had 1-2 drops in my Bee Brews soda and it has a definite soothing effect on my occasionally stormy stomach. Safe to say the cardamom lip butter is also amazing; even in summer my lips are dry, and the scent of this reminds me of sipping green tea with my friend Maryam in her super toasty kitchen. I recommend both of these products, especially the lip butter if you struggle with dry lips. Wish we had smell-o-vision just so you could get a whiff of that spicy cardamom.20160814_120246


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