MixTape Collection- Run With The Tribe

Run With The Tribe has officially updated the shop for the first time in several months. These looks speak more as a desert-noir setup more than they do wearable pieces of clothing- they look so wild west and dramatic. Alana (one woman show behind RWTT) HAND SEWS everything herself. We’re talking no machine. We’re talking what the heck- what if mistakes are made?!? It baffles me.

One of my favorite pieces (that I probably won’t ever own but such is life) is back- bloomers! I’m not sure why but the idea of bloomers is just so romantic and sweet. I wear thin Forever21 shorts under my dresses so that I can bike and also not flash everyone- but I would LOVE to wear a pair of RWTT’s soft & lacy bloomers. So much cuter. She has also changed the style so that the lace is a waistband on top of the fabric instead of being sheer, which I actually really like.

I won’t own anything from this collection (unless my sweet fiance decides to buy me some bloomers!) but I wanted to put it out there for all of the folks to see. Alana has been on hiatus for a while so it’s great to see her hand-sewn wares again.

All images by Run With The Tribe

Check out my skirt from Run With The Tribe


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