Ultimate Swamp Lady: Crossfox Summer 2016

Crossfox, once again, has me rollin’. Her work keeps getting cooler and cooler. She released a new (extremely swamp-viby) line today, and I finally scored something I was hoping to get! I missed out on a pair of leggings during her last sale, but this time I ended up with a super cute little swallowtail dress (pictured below).


Emilie’s work is so earthy/soft/lovable that I wish I could try it all on and end up with 3/4 of every collection. The cooler tones of this set were different and I enjoyed the variance in color- sometimes things end up a liiittle too black/basic, and if I’m buying handmade I like great garment construction and unusual color.

Crossfox also introduced these super rugged looking workman style tops (pictured left) which really catch my eye. I have a hard time wearing button up shirts with no stretch due to my proportions, but maybe if she releases some neat fleece/colorful ones in fall I’ll snag one. I’m also super into the lavender tank top because it actually is lavender colored- often people say “lavender” when they really meant light soft girly purple. Nah, this is full -on witchy lavender.

All images belong to Crossfox/are owned by Crossfox.

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