First Tattoo w/ Junko Osaki

Hey there all! I had my first experience being tattooed a few weeks ago. One of my fav. local artists, Junko Osaki (June for short) had a flash sale; we’re talking loads of bottles with tiny super cute things on them. The moment I saw the bee I knew I had to have her on me somewhere! I went for my rib cage; painful but a good spot for something small. I’m typically not the person to make a *rushed* decision (AKA only having two weeks to think of something) but this tattoo just called to me.

Here it is the day of and then a month later! As you can see there has been some normal fading and a bit of interesting asymmetry on the banding but I actually really like it. This tattoo seriously only took twenty minutes to complete and I could feel every little dot but I love it so much. It feels like I’m carrying a tiny entomology collection with me- even though it’s just one bee.20160724_174119

At Tailorbird Tattoo, June had some little things for sale. I purchased a super teensy leather mouse to hang off of my backpack. I love the idea of key chains usually but never get them because I’d destroy them; but this mouse is indestructible! I also got a print (for only $5! WHAT?!) of an older set of bottle flash designs.

Anyway, experience time:
June was super super awesome when I finally got to meet her and get my tattoo. I say finally because I had to wait a while, somewhere in the ballpark of six hours. A ton of people showed up to get tattoos right at twelve o’clock when the flash sale opened; but only 30 of us got them in the end. It was a long wait but I actually had a ton of fun sitting out on the back lawn and making new tattoo friends. 10/10 for my first tattoo.

I love hearing about/seeing tattoos! Comment down below with any tattoos you love, your own or not.


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