New Simka Sol Leggings

One of my longtime favorite brands, Simka Sol, has released some new versions of old pieces this summer. We’re talking leggings with pockets, ladies. Their fabric is seriously the best– I own a pair of the green cactus leggings and they are so soft and thin, but not see-through. I am drooling over all of these new leggings, and dreaming of fall when I could wear them easily and with a comfy baggy sweater.


The new design is high waist and fancy free. My “old” style pair fits high waist on me, but that’s because I’m about 5″ shorter than the average lady. These look like they are the perfect length with cuffs at the bottom which is great for boots (tucking in leggings is the best, amirite ladies?)

Anyway– this is just a self-reminder to get a pair of these awesome cotton babes. I’m leaning toward the grey fern design. I’m all about those plant themed clothing items.


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