Slow Summer Days


Summer is hard. It’s warm. I am the color of a peach and thusly I am constantly sun-burnt and gaining a large population of freckles every day. This summer my three plants have been very happy because of the direct sunshine and straight up heat they are experiencing on my little windowsill.
Despite all of this unending purgatory-style heat, I have been trying to do things. City things. Friend things. You name it things. This morning I went on a 2 1/2 mile bike ride down the Mississippi river, which I highly recommend everyone does. On the East Bank side you can ride or run, it is a good, although sweaty, time.

I took my most amazing craigslist find, my $115 Trek boys bike. I’m only 5′, so a boys bike works perfectly. After seriously setting my thighs on fire coming up the hill (pictured, I had to take a break alright), I drowned my aching muscle pains in lemongrass tea mixed with raspberry lemonade and honey. Makes me feelĀ like I’m down south.


This weekend also had a big party going on down by the river- the Stone Arch Bridge Festival. I attended on Friday because I figured most people would be at work (I took the day off for internship duties) and I was right. There were loads of artists and Minnesota businesses there. Downtown looks awesome from across the river, and I loved sipping on a tropical slushie and eating super spicy Jamaican style pork while wandering through artists tents.

This summer I have intentionally tried to have more experiences and less buying opportunities. I want to have more time out with friends doing fun stuff and less spending money that I don’t need to spend. Summer is the best time to slow down and get out; even if you’re like me and have a job/internship/summer class, there is always time to take a bike ride or visit a local event.


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