Bits of Minneapolis

This summer I have been slowly trying to enjoy more things around the city I live in. Pictured above is my lovely new wall hanging from MBMB prints (snagged at Art-A-Whirl) and a super grainy cellphone photo I took while walking across the 10th avenue bridge at night. It was amazing because even at 9 on a Friday there was no one else out. It felt very Blade Runner-esque.

With summer comes frequent trips to Izzy’s Icecream. They had my favorite flavor this time- a lovely thing called Irish Moxie (think boozy, coffee, heath bar chunks, and chocolate). Mmm, to die for. Sometimes I’m glad it isn’t closer.
I picked up a new super cool weather-vane inspired necklace from Minneapolis-based jeweler, Larissa Loden. My friend Liz got me a super cool bee pendant a year or two ago from her, and I am very happy to slowly expand my collection. I picked this up at Art-a-Whirl as well as the hanging print in the first photoset.

During Art-A-Whirl I got to meet an artist whose work I already owned- DC Ice! I have an odd funky Christmas ornament (aka an antler with a bell and rabbit fur) that I bought at a St. Paul art show last winter, but this spring I got to see tons of her amazing paintings in person and chat with her. She is super cute, has some neat tattoos, and makes lovely art. My favorite piece was this grouchy fox saying “Go home” (as in, you’re drunk, go home!). I almost walked away with it, even on my student budget, because dang- look at him! So cute. So sassy.


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