Shepherd’s Harvest Festival

Hey all! This weekend is one of my Minnesota favorites- the Shepherd’s Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival! Think loads of wool, roving, yarn, spinning wheels, soap, cute old ladies, rabbits, sheep, alpaca, the list goes on! I’ve been going every year for about four years now, and even though I don’t knit, it’s super fun. Every year it gets harder not to buy a little angora rabbit, though.tumblr_o76tp7pjsw1r9fesfo2_1280
This year I brought back an amazing hand-carved Buckthorn wood spoon made by Magpie Misc, an artist based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. I also got my yearly dose of All Things Herbal soap. This stuff smells like a forest home, and that’s exactly what I want to smell like.
I didn’t pick up any fibers this year because I didn’t get to mill around as long as I usually do, but it was still a good time nevertheless. I did get to try one of those Minneapple pies that are so famous at the state fair! Honestly, anything is good with cinnamon ice cream.
If you’re into knitting, felting, quilting, or just having fun- check out the Shepherd’s Harvest Festival. They hold sheep dog trials,  show people how to shear alpaca, and more!


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