Engagement Photographs

(11) Trey and Zoe Engagement 7-14-2015

Last summer Trey and I got our engagement photos taken on a super toasty day with my favorite photographer, Tori D. Her work is always amazing– she usually only does senior photography and personal passion projects, but I somehow convinced her to take our engagement photos and they turned out beautifully. I’m sure in a few years we will look back and laugh (not as much as we would have if Trey had worn shorts like he wanted to, though!).
What I will post here is a small selection of the 25 or so that we received. These are my favorites, especially because in most of them Trey is making me laugh or smile, and he is giving that big grin of his, too.

Outfits: Hers- Samantha Pleet dress, Toms shoes / Crossfox leggings, Madewell top
His- H&M tee/Batman tee (old), Target shoes, American Eagle jeans

(26) Trey and Zoe Engagement 7-14-2015(1) Trey and Zoe Engagement 7-14-2015(9) Trey and Zoe Engagement 7-14-2015(13) Trey and Zoe Engagement 7-14-2015


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