Wedding Planning: Part 1

Let me be honest with you all- I love details. I love tiny things no one else might notice or care about, except my other detail-focused folks out there, that are a huge, HUGE waste of time. I have been engaged for over a year now and I am finally starting to plan my wedding. Something snapped and I realized I didn’t want to wait as long as I previously did- I wanted to get married next year!
So here I am, wanting to invite everyone, and I realize that I really REALLY don’t want to focus on the details for that many people. I just can’t. The number of people (only 80) feels like a million to me. Where do they all sit? What types of flowers should go on the table? How do I rent plates? Why do I have to rent plates?!?!
The list of worries went on and on until I realized the most important bit was that I am marrying my sweetheart and we are starting our lives together. I flip flopped back and forth for a while, even after seeing a beautiful venue fit for a “large” wedding, I just can’t envision planning all of it, or hiring a wedding planner. I think weddings should represent the couple, and overall, Trey and I have been quite private with much of our relationship. We have been long distance for two years but very passionate and committed, and I think our small ceremony and “reception” (aka tiny after party with food and cake!) should represent our love. That is, between us and our immediate friends and family.

I hope my wedding will be beautiful, memorable, small, and full of jokes and good food because that is what I enjoy in life, as does Trey. He is just the best trooper through all of my indecisiveness honestly; perfect husband material. We are goofy, weird, and old fashioned, and I hope that my far away family understands that even if they don’t get an invite, we want to see you! I hope to travel to my more distant family (we’re talking England, Texas, and Oklahoma here) after the wedding and stay with them on their own turf. Trey and I both have many younger cousins who it would be hard to travel with, so why not go and visit them?

One of my biggest qualms and issues with wedding planning is being young. When we are married I will be 21, and Trey just 22. I was never the type who anyone thought would get married. Truthfully I never saw marriage as necessary. After a year and a half with Trey, writing letters and only being able to call every few weeks, I realized that I cared about him more than anyone, and it was terrifying being so young and yet so committed. It did scare me for a while, until I realized he was just as committed when he wrote in a letter to me that he had thought about asking for my hand in marriage. He was so sweet and always caring for me even from states away, and now continents away, that I couldn’t resist.

So the wedding planning is continuing, but not for the big wedding that I had originally planned for, but for a small intimate 15 invite wedding that will be easy to maintain and just a lot of simple fun.

zoe and trey

If any of you want to talk about weddings just comment. It’s super addicting  and the best alternative to studying for my finals.


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