Spring Style

Spring is admittedly a hard season for me. I don’t have bad allergies or anything like that, I’m just not used to the warm weather. Every year I try and avoid spring and continue wearing sweaters, wool socks, and other cozy things- but this year I am going to try and actually buy comfortable spring clothes. It’s time to accept that yes, it will be warm. It may rain. And I will be prepared.


When it gets warmer dresses always seem to be the easy choice for me. I also only go for comfortable stuff- so the beautiful High Waist Western Dress by Whiskey Dog Wares seems like a true keeper. It even looks formal enough to wear to a dinner out or a similar event. I love items that can be dressed up or down easily- and I feel like the other dress by Line and Bloom fits into that category too. I don’t own anything with a gingham print but this dress is really drawing me to it! I think it’s spring and summer appropriate.

Truthfully I’ve never been one to wear shoes with any incline but these Asos booties are really dreamy, even if they are impractical. I think they would go nicely with this classic Led Zepplin tee and a tiny little backpack. Putting outfits together before owning any of the pieces is somewhat addicting for me, honestly.

So I’m not sure why but I’ve really been wanting a vintage fur coat lately. This one happens to be faux fur which is nice. I think it would go well for those chillier spring days! Spring also makes me want to feel light and comfortable, thus the stretch hemp underwear set. Not to mention these dainty stacking rings from Fox and the Fawn, which would look very nice with my white gold engagement ring.

Well all, these are my spring wants for the season. I already have a couple of dresses from Whiskey Dog Wares on the way- what more could I need, really?

Let me know what your favorite season to dress in is and why below!


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