Conservatory Visit


Today was one of the first truly *nice* days in Minnesota– 65 degrees, breezy, and comfortable. I went out with my family to Chanhassen’s Arboretum, specifically to stop in and check out the Meyer Deat’s Conservatory. This little conservatory is filled with tropical plants, orchids, cacti, palms, and a few picturesque lady statuettes.

The beautiful sunlight filtering through really highlighted the fuzz on every cactus and the striking greens everywhere. It is a very small conservatory but it definitely has my heart. I’ve always been fond of odd plants (picture me, 10, buying a Venus fly trap at Cub Foods) and this conservatory was full of them. They even had a lady slipper, which is a notoriously hard to grow orchid that is also the Minnesota state flower. I could have spent a lot longer in there but of course we had to get out into the great weather and walk the grounds.
Shout-out to my dad who took this photo of me in front of a great array of desert plants; I think I accidentally matched the terracotta pots!

IMG_5184Let me know where your favorite conservatory or plant shop is! I’m always on the hunt for more.




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