Life of the Party


Hello all- it’s outfit of the day time! This styling is floaty and feminine but also all black and Catwoman-esque. I actually wore this exact clothing line up to my birthday party a month or so ago! The amazing sheer eyelash lace skirt is from Run With the Tribe, I snagged this during the big winter sale and have loved it ever since. All RWTT pieces are hand stitched, this one has beautiful purple silk thread on the waistband that I just love looking at. Those little details kill me. It’s one of those pieces that I want to make up events to go to just to wear it! It is paired with my H&M sweater and leggings, Madewell necklace, and handmade Drifter Leather boots. This is totally a dancin’ in the moonlight outfit; maybe I will get to wear it on a date with Trey sometime and groove my heart out.



All photos by Megan L.



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