Fleece Magic

My favorite things are combined into my Crossfox fleece body sock- extreme comfort, witchy vibes, hand dyed anything, a hood, and pockets. I have owned this for a few months and have wanted to get photos for absolutely ages, but there just wasn’t a time to do it. Too snowy, cold, warm, and in-between. Until I realized my friend Megan L. was on a school break and that she, in her awesome-ness, could take some photos for me.
In terms of outfit details –
The body sock is quite long on me, but I like it that way, it almost feels like a blanket! I added another layer over the top, my super light Forever 21 sweater that compliments it quite well. I’m wearing my old school boots from Live Past Vintage and my handmade earrings from the Shakopee Trading Post. The earring were actually a gift from Megan’s family a few years ago. This outfit is my favorite for chilly days just hanging around town.






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