Home Office Ideas

Charcoal office chair // Grey Ikea laptop desk // Copper lamp

While in college I have developed an interesting de-stressing habit– thinking about home design and building my “ideal” room by searching the web for stuff I like. I do this about once a week, and lately I’ve been obsessed with office design. In a year when I graduate and move out of my bedroom in a shared house I will hopefully have a place to put a tiny office! I think office spaces are extremely important to keep motivated and inspired.
My first pick is the most expensive of the whole bunch- the West Elm dining chair turned office seating. I honestly can’t stand chairs that move a whole lot or are too adjustable, I also don’t enjoy armrests on office seating so this chair looks like a must. I’m tempted to buy it now as a sitting chair for my room if it ever goes on sale!
Secondly- wow do I love Ikea. Such simple stuff for great prices. This little desk is only $89 and would work wonderfully just for a laptop or desktop desk, not for filing or paper work which I rarely do anyway. I’d love to have it all lit up by that tall gumball lamp from Urban Outfitters, I think it would do well in a small space because it’s so slim and non-bulky.

Easy-water planter // Simple rug // Cream moving cart // Copper pen holder

Although I’m a total sucker for little details I think I will try and keep my office space minimal. I hope to have a plant of some sort (housed in that cute easy-water planter on the left) to brighten up my work space. I’m pretty bad at keeping files sorted so the moving cart would be a big help to me, and at $29 it’s a pretty big steal. Since many of the things I’ve picked are cool or neutral I want to brighten the space up with some copper/rose gold, maybe using the little pen holder to really add some flair to an otherwise grey/ivory/black space.
Dreaming of a nice calm office space distracts me from my current situation- a tiny corner desk with papers everywhere! Hopefully someday I can have a sweet place to do my work.

Below is some office inspiration. Lots of beautiful stuff!


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