Kermode Bear Friend

So somehow by the amazing speedy timing of my chilly hands (I was outside of a movie theatre near Northeast Minneapolis) I ended up scoring one of Smallwild’s ceramic Kermode bear charms! Smallwild items sell out extremely fast, everything was gone about a minute after it was listed on the website! I saw this bear a few days beforehand on Instagram and I was in love. The Kermode bear is a special type of light colored bear that lives in British Columbia and is also known as the “spirit bear”. Of course in real life they don’t have cute little gold collars but who’s gunna call out this cute lil’ guy?

He arrived in this sweet wrapped up box with felt and a heart inside! Adorable packaging really gets me. I asked for a longer chain- 28 inches or so- and it works perfectly! This bear is a nice addiction to outfits that might be a bit “boring” otherwise. I went to a doctor’s appointment with him on and even the nurse loved him! The bear was actually much smaller than I thought he would be but that honestly makes me love him even more. Thanks Smallwild!

Smallwild Shop


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