3 Jäg Design- Local and Badass

Last year I attended Art Attack- the super fun fall art extravaganza at the Northrop King Building. There I saw loads of cool artists and bought a few things- but there was one artist I didn’t purchase from, which I ended up regretting. That artist is Betty of 3 Jäg Design, a Minneapolis based artist who makes really interesting, not the norm jewelry.
A few weeks ago I saw on Facebook that she was having a showing on a Thursday night. It was super chilly getting there (I don’t own a car, I know, it’s sad), but I made it. The building was quiet and I plodded into her studio- and I ended up walking away with a super sweet little “bullet nub” necklace!

Her work of course ranges from what I own- tiny and subtle- to dramatic, and she even uses precious stones in many of her rings and necklaces.

Betty Jäger herself is hilarious. There wasn’t anyone else there except a few artists selling their wares, so we just chatted and joked about various things. Her work is seriously neat and I wish I could have walked away with more! But I try to only get things I know I will wear often and cherish- and afford!

Here are some photos from the 3 Jäg website- more of Betty’s rad work.

3 Jäg Website
3 Jäg Facebook


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