Seaside Dreaming

I’m not a summer person, honestly. But here in Minneapolis it is about 10 degrees every day – and I can’t take it anymore. I shiver and get a red nose just walking to class and just seeing friends is difficult because I don’t want to leave my warm cave. So maybe, for once, I am dreaming of swimming and hanging out at the beach.

Outfit-wise I’m pondering the two-piece. I haven’t owned a bikini-like swimsuit in several years and I’m working on finding pieces that work for me for this summer. I’ll be travelling to Dallas to visit my fiance in August and I want to have lots of fun in the sun. The shark top from Asos is the cutest thing ever and looks less likely to be flimsy/slide right off at a waterpark! I can imagine walking on the beach (or more likely, next to a pool) in those cute Toms. I love Toms because they actually come in my size (5 !) and because of their 1 for 1 policy.
If we are thinking simple, retro, and more modest I’d go for this cute Modcloth number. Black does make me look a bit pale but I love the style of this suit. I’ve been wanting one of these big Madewell totes for ages now and I think it would be the perfect beach bag! In Minnesota the beach is just the sand around a lake, but that’s good enough for me.

Talking handmade- I’m in love with these leather earrings by Tilt Adornments, which would look awesome with a simple outfit to really add the summer/relaxed feel. These leather sandals from Asos look so comfy for a day out on the town, and I might snatch them up (thank you European shoe sizing!). I want simple statement pieces to liven up my sometimes boring shorts and tank top looks I tend to sport in the hottest months.

While I’m excited to see Trey in August, I’m also excited to see Coldplay! We are going to their show and I’ve never been to such a large performance before – I want to be prepared. Thinking of summer means going out late, wearing nothing but a dress & some sandals, and also maybe some cute earrings. I will admit I am guilty of never switching earrings, but these neat Pyrite hanging studs from Made of Mountains might sway me. I think they would look lovely with this hand-dyed dress from the Thicket Dye Shop, with some cute sandals (above!) and a purse. Maybe this will be my Coldplay show outfit? Maybe I plan too far in advance….


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