Wooly Bison Pack

Hey all! So I have recently acquired probably the best, most cool, old-school, & handmade backpack ever. It is from a company named Wooly Bison, based in Seattle, WA. Its owner is a lady named Ingrid, who was the easiest to work with ever while attempting to piece together my dream backpack and make it a reality. I went back and forth for ages on color and fabrics, eventually deciding on this simple button strap bag with a herringbone insert flap.

The bag itself is waxed canvas, wool, and leather. I got it with padded straps and a laptop insert (for a bit extra) because I wanted to be able to use it all of the time & with everything! My 15″ laptop fits just fine and the inside has three different sections to put things in, one of them being a zipper section- pictured below.
I got the regular sized backpack but Wooly Bison also offers “tall boy” versions that are about 2″ taller! I’m a petite person and I would be overwhelmed with a backpack that big, so I decided against it.

So far I’ve used this bag for about a week and I’m already in love. It is water resistant, much lighter than my old one, and easy to open and close. It has two little pockets on the outside (under the wool flap) that are perfect for my wallet, headphones, and cellphone. It also has little pen/pencil holders on the side that are great for easy access instead of digging through a case to find the one I’m looking for!

Overall 10/10 on the ordering process, quality of fabrics, and sewing on the bag. If you are willing to invest in a piece that will last forever I suggest Wooly Bison.


Wooly Bison Shop



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