Whiskey Dog Wares

I’m always on the hunt for comfy clothes. I’m the type who won’t wear something if it itches at all, is too tight, too restricting, etc. These dresses, shorts, leggings, bodysuits, cute things, all by Whiskey Dog Wares really tickle my fancy. All of her pieces look so functional, soft, and flattering! Loving the howling wolf shorts– no idea where to wear those but damn, aren’t they cute?
Her designs are simple and wearable, and I think they would look nice on my 5′ nothing frame. She seems to cater to all body types, and I think the dresses especially would look good on a curvy frame. Her etsy has loads and loads of positive reviews, all complimenting her work and her fabric. I don’t know about you but when someone has great reviews it increases the chances of me buying from them by at least 80%. But also if someone has no reviews I’m intrigued by the mystery… oh, the duality.

Whiskey Dog Wares Shop


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