Handmade Goodies

This winter was a major winner for me in terms of awesome handmade (and vintage, I suppose!) gifts and purchases. I bought others some interesting handmade stuff- lots of sweet treats from Lush for my family- but honestly I was lucky to receive and find some interesting things. Things with a history, made by local artists, and even one that was made by a friend of mine. There is just something so special about items with personal meaning that are crafted with expert hands and talent!


This little German made vintage perfume bottle is one of my new favorite things. I usually enjoy things that have a direct function or use but the use of this is just that it looks amazing and is mystical and cool. I’ve thought about filling it with an oil based natural perfume, but who knows if I will get around to it! The bottle itself is tiny, only an inch and a half tall. It was a gift to me this holiday season.


When my dear friend Liz and I were out exploring St. Paul’s tiny winter market, we ended up eating some Japanese food at Tanpopo and discovered an art sale/show next door! Honestly this ended up being the best part of our night, and I ended up walking away with this super interesting decoration. It is made by a local artist, D.C. Ice. Now there was a toooon of cool stuff there, but I really really wanted this funky antler with rabbit fur and a bell attached. I had it up on my Christmas tree for some time but now it hangs on my wall.


My room has been a bit…stale lately. Fall and winter were filled with late nights studying, leaving my clothes everywhere, and essentially not changing anything unless it meant getting it messier. For ages I’ve wanted something to go behind my bed to fill the empty space- this hand-dyed bunting from Sugar House Workshop was my solution. After I saw her work in instagram I just knew I wanted to track down one of her buntings… luckily she listed a few right after I was after one! Thanks for brightening up my space with bell-strung bunting.


This special necklace is from my friends over at Isms– a shop dedicated to using sustainable butterfly/moth/bug parts to make amazing jewelry! This piece is one of the most simple ones they offered, which I really enjoyed. This summer I expressed interest in it and someone bought it for me for a gift! I love the delicate silver chain and the bead, it makes this piece so elegant and dainty. I love being able to reference my love of bugs in a more indirect, shiny way.
So, okay. Bear with me. Yes- this is a moth head mounted on a tiny piece of wood in an equally tiny shadow box. I think it is both hilarious and also magical. This piece of cuteness is also from Isms  and is the most recent addition to my buggy room decorations. There is nothing more to say other than that I love it and it suits my style.


// Antique perfume bottle // Antler decoration //
// Bell bunting // Butterfly wing necklace & mounted moth //



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