This past year has been a very interesting, transformative one for me. I wanted to write loads upon loads of sweet paragraphs detailing my adventures and new changes- but honestly I like seeing this past year laid out in a bulleted list, so here we go

  • Declared my minor – entomology! ❤ my bug friends
  • Explored Minneapolis more, went for Izzy’s Icecream often
  • Got a decent GPA while taking 17 credits
  • Traveled to Dallas twice
  • Got more absorbed into handmade culture- visited quite a few tiny markets and art shows
  • Did yoga! I need to do more, I know I know, but still.. I did some!
  • Went to lots of Entomology related parties- ain’t no party like a bug party
  • Explored the biggest antique mall I’ve ever seen
  • Saw Weird Al live with friends
  • Visited the Dallas World Aquarium

11219577_10205075316618330_6755198321311298430_nThe photo above is when Trey and I went to the Dallas Arboretum on Halloween! Every road and garden was just full of pumpkins and gourds. I could have lived there.

In general Trey and I had a lot of adventures this year. He moved from South Korea to Texas and in between he got to come visit his family and I. We explored loads of places from Minnesota to Dallas- we found a tiny turtle (Pablo), wanted to adopt some barn cats, got too relaxed at the mall (the bottom photo) and in general made bad jokes and ate too much. It was the best.

This year I also took a class which has been one of my favorite to date- Honey Bees and Insect Societies. I never knew how much I loved the tiny world of our fuzzy, pollen covered friends until I took this class. It definitely changed my outlook and encouraged me to study what I enjoy.
Here is a photo of a classmate holding some beautiful, end of the year comb.

Lastly I just think this past year has been spent with others. I often have the habit of holing up and becoming somewhat of a hermit, but this year I think I did an alright job of exploring outside of my cozy room. I did a lot more yoga, a lot more eating, and lots of walking to visit those friends that live elsewhere.



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