Pink and lovely: Fran

Hello there all! You know, in my free time, I will admit to you that I do enjoy a good Youtube video or two. Sometimes on science stuff (usually bugs or underwater things), a lot of time video games, but sometimes art. One of my new favorite Youtubers (and artists) is named Fran. Now Fran is a fun one because she is a Chilean who moved to Berlin and now London! She often speaks in Spanish so I must watch in subtitles, but she is so silly and her videos are always so fun to watch. She has a bit of a sailor’s tongue, and her husband Ed always brightens the scene when he’s in her videos. It sounds silly but she seems to really appreciate the little things, and I really start to look at the small things that make me happy after I watch her videos.
I found her art through her videos. Now, I’m not the type of gal to greatly enjoy pink- but Fran does! Her use of pink in almost every piece is actually quite nice and soft and it’s starting to grow on me… pink mold! AH! Just kidding. It’s only good art. And it really reminds me of Steven Universe for some reason… love it!



All images and video from Fran 


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