Amber Moon

One of my longstanding jewelry and adornment favorites is the wonderful work of artist and friend, Reva Myers. Her shop called Amber Moon is online and in person at a few renaissance festivals across the country. Her work is detailed and one of a kind, made from durable, natural materials to last a few lifetimes. Reva is a woman of many talents- sewing, painting, carving, crude-joke telling, etc. etc. She mainly focuses on carvings, but on her website you can find samples of the paintings and sweater coats that she makes. Below I will show my carvings- worn with my Run With the Tribe Mama Wolf maxi dress.


My largest and one of my most worn is this lovely moon and star set. The moon and star are both made of jet and have small black wooden beads on the sides. I prefer no beads usually but I think they look beautiful with this piece! The moon has Celtic knot-work, two moonstones (top), and two labradorite cabochons.


Reva saw this scorpion on a shell in a dream. She told me this story a few years ago and I’ll have to ask for the details again- I love things with a personal meaning to them. I like how squat and square the scorpion is. He is made of amber.


My fox is actually carved by her apprentice, Brian. It is made of antler & you can even see the raw edges on the side of the carving. This one is very special to me and only a few have been made in a similar style, with a small sleeping fox in it’s nest. One of my favorite parts about it is the little paw print on the back- so sweet!


Last but not least is my small crone goddess. I am not a very spiritual or religious person, but I do feel like she brings me some kind of good luck. I always find neat rocks or make a nice cup of tea with her on, I swear. She is made of a fossilized tooth (I forget which kind!), an opal, and a pearl.

Amber Moon 


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