Cozy Relaxed & Light


IMG_4535 IMG_4549
IMG_4550 IMG_4554

I am one of those people who values comfort over pretty much everything else. It’s also great when clothing is affordable- and most of this outfit is! This (plus shoes, I hope) is something I’d wear to class on an average day. When I want to focus on learning I think it’s important to feel easy-going and not worry what you look like. However, little details that make you feel cute help. Like a tiny crow skull necklace & fox printed socks! The little necklace was a gift from a friend of mine and I just love wearing it.

Top: Old Navy
Bottoms: Goodwill (Originally Gap)
Socks: Old Navy
Bag: All-Terrara
Skull necklace: Jewelry by Da’Oud
Scarf: Len


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