Although I do love myself some modern medicine, some natural, every-day items seem very helpful. These products (none of which I own) are from the etsy shop Lala Earth.
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This first product is the sea buckthorn face serum. These sweet little golden bottles are made in small batches and everything is hand picked! I would totally love how to make some herbal remedies someday, but Lala Earth’s array is plenty for me. This serum is hydrating for dry skin, and I love the winter backdropĀ in the photo because that is when my skin is most dry. It is one of the more expensive items in the shop but it seems like it could be really worth it if dry skin is a problem of yours.Ā blog 4

This photo just highlights some of the lovely flowers that are picked and included with orders- to be honest I just loved the colors and composition. Lala Earth’s Instagram is full of floral & outdoor images like this one.

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Next is the rose lip & cheek tint. Now I’ve never used anything like this and I don’t often wear lip makeup but this looks like it would be soothing and yummy.Ā I really like that it has beeswax & honey in it! I sometimes help manage bees at a college apiary and I really enjoy when bee products are used in cosmetics ethically.

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Lastly is the one that I think would help my health the most- the lavender digestive bitters. Sometimes my stomach gets a bit off, especially if I have been staying up late studying, and these seem calming and great in some tea or milk.


Overall Lala Earth has some great etsy reviews and really interesting, natural products. I really enjoy businesses that are run or created by one person. Everything is hand picked & packaged. I hope to try some of these in the future!
Currently Lala Earth’s etsy shop is on vacation while the owner moves states, but when it is back maybe I will pick up some of these and start my own apartment apothecary.

Lala Earth Etsy
Lala Earth InstagramĀ 

All images by Lala Earth


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