Mottled Forest Lady- Dusk




I want to feature one of my favorite brands today- Crossfox. My lovely fleece top is 100% handmade by Emilie Bosworth-Clemens and her team; she started in a cigar rolling shack in Pittsburg which I find totally endearing and wondrous. Her designs are versatile and perfect for this chilly time of year (I don’t any summer pieces- yet!) and are made of amazing, ethically sourced fabrics. This fleece top is one of my favorites. Her pieces are obviously meant to lived in and be worn often, my top has only gotten softer for the few months I’ve owned it. The fleece is in the hand-dyed color “Dusk” and almost blends into the background if it’s a bit dark out.
It kept me warm even though it was only about 50 degrees out this morning- that and my Minnesotan blood. The style of Crossfox is utterly unique and I adore everything I own from them and wear my pieces more often than anything else. Her clothing definitely makes me feel a bit warrior-like! This top is even called the “Militia Pullover”.

Fleece top: Crossfox
Leggings: Value Village
Boots: Live Past Vintage
Necklace: Amber Moon 


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